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tv   Action News 6pm  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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to find her home a war zone... sot they broke the screen... after climbing through this it didnt just ruin her vacation... but her sense of security... sot i had to sleep with the lights on, cause i dont know if someone's gonna come back or she's already planning her next trip... sot people think that we're living a good life cause we're driving a nice car, going on vacations and they decide to take a shortcut in life. we work hard to get where we are at. sot emily says she's still working with her insurance to she's planning on installing more ca house. near durango and flamingo, tom george, 13 action news. another. at the video of the break-in. this is being spread..... all over social media..... in hopes to get the thieves... caught. but... it seems.... this scare could just be..... scratching the surface.
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live at -11-: why other people in the neighborhood are on edge.... tonight. the latest developments out of columbus, ohio.. where nine people were rushed to the hospital after they were mowed down by a car.. during a violent attack on the campus of ohio state university. police say an 18-year old native of somalia.. who attended ohio state.. drove over a curb.. hitting several pedestrians before jumping out and stabbing several people with a butcher knife. police arrived in only seconds.. and shot and killed the suspect during the panic. student "people started running... i was walking up 15th - people started running up 15th. people were like, 'don't go to "there were three gun shots.. and it sounded like a handgun." investigators are now digging into the suspect's background and say they've already found at least one social media post where he says he was upset about recent attacks on muslims. whenever something like this happens.. police departments at universities all over the u-s review their procedures..
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13 action news anchor lesley marin is live on campus with more on what's being done there to protect students. lesley. tricia-- steve there are many emergency post like that one across campus. but today the police chief adding half a dozen additional officers to make sure students are safe. chaos breaks out across the buckeye campus. 11 students in the hospital..the attacker shot by miles away at unlv students think about their safety. 1630 31 dash 1630 36 it puts me in a vulnerable place because i do worry about my safety 16 3459 every single issue right now is so hightened and polarized you have to be at least somewhat aware. 1558 09-15 5815 how prepared are we as prepared as we can be i sat down with unlv police chief jose elique-- today he added 5 more officers to patrol campus. 1548 39-15 4846 in this day and
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unlv police reviewed all their safety protocols. more than 30,000 people will professors can activate them in an instant. 1627 54-16 2757 run hide fight right? that's what they teach you in high school. 1553 20-15 5328 we don't like to unduly alarm people but it seems like today that should put it at least in the forefront of your mind and the chief did say they will relieve a good amount of officer around 7 pm. but keep several officers on through out the night. new information tonight.... in the search for a man..... police say..... sexually assaulted a little girl.... on thanksgiving. you're looking at.... a composite sketch of the man..... police are looking for.
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police say... an -8- year-old girl and her -5- year-old brother were playing outside..... when the man told the little boy to go inside.... and then.... sexually assaulted the girl. police do not believe..... the suspect knew the girl... and are askign if you know anything.... call police.... right away. new at -6-... a valley woman reaches out to us...... after she said..... her whole apartment was invaded..... by scorpions! she says.... whatever spraying is being done.... when "you ask.... we investigate". contact 13.... investigative reporter.... stephanie zepelin has more.... on the problem. 16.24.49 i looked up and i was like, 'what is that?' 51 after that, that same night, we sprayed the entire apartment 56 a frightening sight crawling across her ceiling on halloween....scorpions invading raven's apartment. 16.25.00 terrified, ive never dealt with these 02 but it's not herself she's worried about. 16.27.31 and it's really scary 32 im more so scared for them
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unit sprayed, but the scorpions keep coming back! so she the office with that one in the container 53 hes dead and everything 55 and again she's like 'well we'll have somebody come out and spray, we'll put you on the weekly spraying' 26.00 and really there was nothing much they could do 26.03 so we went to the office. 16.53.42 we got a call from one of your residents in building 22 about a scorpion infestation 46 ok 49 can you tell me what you guys are doing to remedy that 51 if they've i being recorded? 54 after woman told us they are only spraying when their tenants call. but pest kill dot org says consistency is the key to getting rid of scorpions for good! soc if you have a problem... you want us to look into... just send us.... an e-mail.... to 13 investigates.... at k-t-n-v dot com... make sure.... you include... your phone number... a look at the temperature right
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13 first alert meteorologist karla huelga is in the weather center with the latest numbers. the chilly weather will continue as one storm system makes an exit and another pushes into the area. northern parts of the valley will continue to see breezy upper 30s and low 40s around the valley tonight. tomorrow will be a breezy day with gusts between 25- 30mph as the system makes its final exit. an endangered..... -4- legged friend.... here.... in our valley... where you can meet.... "ozzie the giraffe"... and... why he needs your help. and.. we'll show you how dozens of smaller four-legged friends are finding new homes tonight.. thanks to a special cyber
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and... count on chopper 13 to bring you breaking news.... fast and first and only on 13 action news.
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? music: it's a small world after all ? come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show...
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13 action news reporter..... marti glaser introduces us to "ozzie"... and explains... how he needs your help.... to stay here. 171542 he is a juvenille .. he has apersonality that is just killer 171547 that's keith evans the owner of the lion habitat ranch 164834 he took someones sunglasses from him -164838 talking about 2 1/2 year old ozzie .nat he is just a clever little boy at 6 months old- ozzie the giraffe relcocated to nevada from kansas...
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environment for him .. its just a little chilier than it is in africa - becoming the only giraffe in the state. not to mention .... the are iendangered - so the fact here is only like 45 hundred of them ledt in the world , and thats why evans says nevadans are so lucky to when your about 12 feet tall and have a 12 inch tongue. 171519when he pulled my security camera cable down he had it all the way in he had it wrapped around his neck like necklace 171529 check out his skills . 165824 he paints really well ,,, and get t his 165834 he taught himself standup : one of ozzie's favorite treats is i think we just bonded .... and it's hard not to bond with ozzie -- he 'll stick out his neck out for almost anyone nat licks face 164138 he is just looking for treats he thinks i am hiding them somewhere in my hair 164141 ( no 164230) ozzie moved into his new bar n back in may.. which is still being renovated. that barn costs 7-hundred bucks a week! home depot helped
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--it's money that this winter ... will hel keep ozzie warm -- this just in-- a brush fire lighting up the night sky in denver. metro crews are working to get a handle on this 300 acre brush fire. it's burning on top of green mountain in jefferson county near lakewood...which is just seven and a half mile southwest of denver so far no homes or threatned. zappo's is known for getting results in unconventional ways. and they're at it again on this cyber monday. find out what they're doing now to help shelter animals find forever homes. and... a scare in the air...... for dozens of passengers on their way..... to las vegas... what they heard on board their flight..... that sent them.... into a panic.
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? ? ? when you find something worth waiting for, vest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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landing in albuquerque. passengers say they heard a loud bang during the flight.. as one of the engines failed. marcia beckman, passenger 4:53:25-4:53:33 "so you could everybody getting nervous well we heard a bang we heard sound like a purring sound so we knew something was wrong." the american airlines flight was scheduled to arrive at mccarran around 8:00 last night. we were at the airport when the passengers finally reached baggage claim at 4:00 this morning.. 8-hours late. while you're hunting for deals on-line for "cyber monday"... the best deal you may come across is.... a new best friend.
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marissa kynaston shows us... why some on-line retailers are making "cyber monday"..... about more than just.... the sales. take pkg gwenisha white and her daughter skipped the doorbuster lines over the weekend-- nat barking even skipped the deals online today-- take sot gwenisha white, mother she's always wanted one to adopt a dog-- for free. take sot gwenisha white right about now we don't have anything for a dog so this came at the right time online retailer zappos-- whose headquarters are in downtown-- is ju of retailers-- who are helping shoppers give back. this year-- theyre waiving the pet adoption fees for shelters across the valley. take sot steven bautista, karma commander, zappos sometimes we're looking for sales, sometimes looking for ourselves, but this is something for a pet that would dollars-- something that may be shelters-- and getting them to a home for the holidays. take sot steven bautista, karma zappos say theyve already met
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season-- for the number of pets adopted. so their raised it again today. mk-- 13an. our 13 days of giving is officially..... underway. we're trying to make a difference.... by helping kids.... get toys.... this holiday season. 13 action news anchor.... todd quinones is live.... at findlay toyota this evening. todd... how's it going.... out there? 13-action news -- nevada highway partol-- and findlay toyota -- are asking you to donate -- a new unwrapped toy -- valued between 10- and -20- dollars -- during the 13-days of giving". donation bins are out right now -- across the valley -- including here at our station. the complete list -- is at k-t-n- v dot com.
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will distribute all the gifts -- to families in need. findlay toyota -- nevada coin mart -- and zippy shell -- are proud sponsors -- of 13-action news -- and the 13-days of giving. difference.... by helping kids.... get toys.... todd... how's it going.... donate -- a new unwrapped toy -- valued between 10- and -20- of giving". donation bins are out right now -- across the valley -- including here at our station. the complete list -- is at k-t-n- v dot com. the las vegas rescue mission -- will distribute all the gifts -- to families in need. findlay toyota -- nevada coin mart -- and zippy shell -- are proud sponsors -- of 13-action news -- and the 13-days of giving. a lot of local skiers and snoboarders are chomping at the
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the lee canyon ski resort got its first serious dusting over the weekend.. with 4-inches of snow. they were forced to delay the traditional opening the day after thanksgiving because there wasn't any snow. they're now using snow guns to the ground.. and targeting december 9th as opening day. the chilly weather will continue as one storm system makes an exit and another pushes into the area. northern parts of the valley
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system starts to make its slow push to the east. expect overnight lows in the upper 30s and low 40s around the valley tonight. tomorrow will be a breezy day with gusts between 25- 30mph as the system makes its final exit. highs temps will reach the high 50s tomorrow with clear skies. wednesday we will be in between system, but high temps will only reach the low to mid 50s around the valley. the winds will be light with only high cloud cover. late wednesday/early thursday, our next system start to make its entrance. we'll see extra cloud cover and some breezes thursday with the cloud cover will thicken friday and the winds will pick up. it looks like friday will be upper end breezy/lower end windy, but the winds will put an extra bite in the air as high temps will only reach the low 50s. the system makes an exit by early saturday, which will clear skies over the weekend. saturday high temps recover to the mid 50s, then to around 60 on sunday. a system will pass to our north monday, but it'll be close
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contact 13 has your back... what you need to know..... to make sure.... you don't fall victim to those crooks. plus.. we'll tell you what a new study is saying to pregnant women who are concerned about getting a
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on this "cyber monday". be careful with any e-mails...
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or companies. never click on..... any links... from someone you don't know. and.... always check your bank statements... to verify..... where your money is going. and... avoid any offers... that seem.... "too-good-to-be-true". tis the season'... for giving... and donating. and... believe it or not... nevada... is one of the least charitable states... in the country. wallet-hub... compared all -50- states... on key factors... like percentage of income donated... percentage of sheltered homeless... and volunteer rates. nevada came in... at number -47- ... texas... california... and arizona. at the top of the list... as the most charitable state... is utah. and... don't forget... contact 13's "call for action" is ready to help you.... with a consumer problem. just contact one of our volunteers..... any weekday.... between 11 a-m and 1 p-m. our hotline number is... 702- 368-2255. just in time for flu season.. a new study could provide some answers for pregnant women who might have second thoughts about getting a flu shot.
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getting colder? and the sneezes in the office getting louder? it's time once again for the but many pregnant mothers wonder if getting the flu vaccine is safe for their researchers at kaiser permanente northern california addressed this question? studying nearly 200,000 children and their mothers. what they found: pregnant women women to get the shot - particularly since these women are considered to be a so if you're expecting? time to roll up your sleeve. it's a simple way to avoid some dr. timothy johnson. 9 people are recovering following a violent attack on
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6:30.. the terrifying 911 calls just moments after students started running for their lives. a busy stretch of the 215.... is scheduled to be shut down.... tonight. what you need to know.... to avoid the madness.
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suspect in a string of armed robberies. these are pics of lamar griffin. police say he is responsible for six armed robberies of convenience stores within four days..starting back on november 8th. he's considered armed and
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we're following the latest developments on a violent attack today at ohio state university that sent nine people to the hospital before the suspect was shot and killed by police. he might have done much more damage.... if a police officer hadn't stopped him. now... investigators are trying to figure out.... if it was terrorism. abc's..... kenneth moton.... is in columbus, ohio. it came in as an active shooter call? shots fired on the campus of the ohio state university. sot - mike (no last name) / osu campus. there's an active shooter.' police and fire swarmed the campus in columbus after reports of a gunman on the loose. the university alerted students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus, run, hide fight. sot - on the phone: cydney ireland / osu student "there were three gun shots.. and it sounded like a handgun." around noon, a student captured this cell phone video -- police stading over the suspect they shot and killed -- the


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